What is a SIAM/GAMM student chapter?

A SIAM/GAMM student chapter is a group of graduate and Ph.D. students in applied mathematics or engineering that are interested in

  • sharing ideas and networking
  • exploring career opportunities
  • joining professional societies in the field.

Student chapters are funded by the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) and the International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM) and thus serve as entry point for young researchers in these communities. More details about the specific requirements for the student chapters can be found at the SIAM webpage and the GAMM webpage.

Who are we?

In Berlin, we decided to form a joint chapter for Technische Universität Berlin and Weierstrass Institute Berlin that is sponsored by SIAM and GAMM. At the moment, we are recognized only by SIAM, since our application as a GAMM chapter is still pending. We aim at interdisciplinary exchange within mathematics as well as with engineering and other industry related science.


About Us
Kick-off meeting: potluck in Tiergarten

The current chapter board

President: Daniel Bankmann
Vice-President: Christoph Zimmer
Secretary: Felix Black
Treasurer: Ines Ahrens

The former chapter board (2015-2018)

President: Benjamin Unger
Vice-President: Lia Strenge
Secretary: Thomas Frenzel
Treasurer: Daniel Bankmann