Last Monday, Paul Schwerdtner gave a talk on the editor Vim.

Paul startet with a short introduction into Vim, which is an editor that enables you to “Edit Text at the Speed of Thought”  by eliminating highly inefficient mouse-usage from your editing workflow. Instead of having to aim for the position you want to change with the mouse, you can express the desired sentence, word, or character using a huge yet extendable set of commands, which keeps your hands on the keyboard and your mind in focus.

However, this is just one of Vim’s many advantages over regular editors.

We learned while repetitive tasks that can be quite annoying, error-prone, and a big waste of our precious time; they turn into fun little brain teasers in Vim.

Paul showed a few important plugins and showcased Vim’s efficiency for programming in python and composing Latex documents.

Tools Seminar: Vim – Boost Your Productivity through Multimodal Editing