This monday, we had a session about scientific literature management in our tools seminar.

Reading (and understanding) scientific research results is part of our daily life. Instead of inventing clever folder structures to save the pdfs of the corresponding papers and books, we could also use literature management software to help us organize our library, which additionally may help us providing the meta data that is required for preparing your bibtex files.

We introduced three of such management tools, namely Mendeley (presented by Benjamin Unger), Paper Hive (presented by Alexander Naydenov) and Zotero (presented by Daniel Bankmann), each of which all have their own pros and cons.

After the tools seminar, we gathered for our first social event of the year in form of a potluck. Every current and prospective member of the chapter was invited. The chapter provided drinks and everyone brought their favorite dish.

At the potluck, we decided for a new possible board, which will have to be confirmed by online vote of our regular members.

Scientific Literature Management & Potluck