Show Your Workplace Vol 2
Femto pneumatic robot arm

We are pleased to meet the robot arms in the FabLab laboratory and stimulated human-beings arms and legs, both in the Control Systems Group at TU Berlin [1]. Mirco [2] has fascinated us with a robot arm construction using Femto pneumatic muscles and its controller design with many sensors and valves. The robot arm can give you a hand in the kitchen, not ready yet, but we loved it already!

Show Your Workplace Vol 2
Real-time simulation of human muscles

Then we have seen the other world. Arne [3] and Philipp [4] design a controller for a real-time simulation of human muscles by using electrodes put on arms and legs. Especially for disabled people, this may help to move them by an in-house developed computer code, possibly in the very near future.

Report by: Emek Abali

[1] Control Systems Group
[2] Mirco Martens
[3] Arne Passon
[4]Philipp Müller

Show Your Workplace Vol 2