Show your Workplace Vol. 1
The Honigmann process

The GAMMM/SIAM chapter promotes interdisciplinary work related to Applied Mathematics. As part of this, we started the series “Show your workplace”, where researchers show how and with what they work. Especially for the mathematicians among us, it is very interesting to see daily research outside of using paper and pen.

Today we visited the Institute of Energy of the Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering at the TU Berlin. Roland Kühn [1] and Falk Cudok [2] presented their research related to heat transfer and explained the functionality of absorption chillers and heat pumps showing the experimental setup. Anna Jahnke [3] showed how a thermochemical energy storage could be realized using the Honigmann process (picture)

[1] Dipl.-Ing. Roland Kühn
[2] M.Eng Falk Cudok
[3] Dipl.-Ing. Anna Jahnke

Show your Workplace Vol. 1